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Project Haiti was a success!

This year, Give for the Goal distributed shoes, uniforms and balls to children and young adults at the Reunion Sportive D’Haiti Soccer Camp.


Thanks to your generous donations. Project Haiti was a success!

Haiti Day Camp

While Give for the Goal helps contribute to the soccer needs of Camp Haiti, the Haiti is about a lot more than soccer. In addition to giving the kids a chance to play sports, Camp Haiti helps prevent juvenile delinquency and helps kids through local community empowerment, positive social interaction and youth leadership development and community stabilization.

For many kids at Camp Haiti, this activity is the only extracurricular activity available in their community. The kids are are provided with a healthy meal every day. And at camp they are safe and engaged in sporting and academically enriching activities.

After Hurricane Matthew destroyed the southern part of Haiti, Reunion Sportive has undertaken a reforestation project by planting trees to strengthen the local communities, reverse the environmental degradation, and combat climate change.




The kids learn new skills and develop new hobbies. They work as part of a team and help to set goals and plan activities with others. They make new friends, learn about their lives, and celebrate their similarities and their differences. They grow their imagination through reading, story-telling, skits, arts and crafts, dance, and sport.


LA Galaxy OC Cleat and Ball Drive

Announcing our Cleat and Ball drive for LAGOC Rec and Elite Leagues.

Every year, our players outgrow soccer gear that is still in great condition. Consider donating your gear. Many children in underserved communities around the world would love to have that ball or uniform your player is no longer using.

LA Galaxy Orange County is working with Give for the Goal.org, to host the LAGOC Drive. Your donated soccer items will have a second life after being matched with a child who can use them. Cleats can mean the world to a young soccer player. A uniform can give a child a sense of belonging. Let’s share this terrific sport of soccer. And you can declutter in the process, too.



Give for the Goal is pleased to partner up with Reunion Sportive d’Haiti for Project Haiti.

This year we will be directing donation drives for Project Haiti to benefit the Youth Soccer and Leadership Summer Camp. This camp helps more than 2,000 boys and girls, ranging in age from 8-22 from greatly underserved communities. Local residents face many challenges including extreme poverty. The catastrophic devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew destroyed over 90% of the homes in some areas causing most families to struggle to meet their basic needs. This summer program is the only local program available to the children and youth outside of the school system.


Reunion Sportive d’Haiti is a nonprofit in the US dedicated to helping youth in Haiti.
In addition to soccer, Reunion Sportive d’Haiti undertakes  many projects to support Haiti including clean water, reforestation, girls school support, and anti hunger projects.



Secret Agents of Kindness

Thank you to advisor Emily, and the members of middle school group “Secret Agents of Kindness” in Virginia. GFTG appreciates your help. Also, your name rocks.

Adam Yamada-Hanff

Adam Yamada-Hanff, Special Projects  —  Baltimore/Washington DC

— Adam is an entrepreneur, social and animal rights activist in the Baltimore Maryland area.
Adam is working to expand the reach of Give for the Goal to help youth athletes in the US as well as abroad. Adam is working with Soccer Without Borders to bring clothing and soccer gear to Baltimore City where children of all ages are in need.

Project Baltimore

Give for the Goal and Soccer Without Borders, Baltimore have joined together to help youth in need in the United States.

Soccer Without Borders, Baltimore, supports youth development programs that equip newcomer refugee and immigrant youth. The program provides safe spaces where young people feel cared for, have a voice and can experience the joy of sport.

Refugees are one of the most vulnerable populations in the world, with nearly 30 million children displaced from their home countries. Many program participants have come to the US under difficult circumstances from countries such as Sudan, DRC, Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Cameroon, Honduras, Ecuador, and El Salvador and most recently Syria. Many children in this group are getting the opportunity to participate in organized soccer for the first time in their lives.

Status: Project Baltimore is open for donations.