Please stay safe and healthy.

Give for the Goal will suspend our Summer 2020 distribution schedule.

We plan to hold our current donation drive items to distribute in the summer of 2021.

Please stay safe and healthy everyone.



Give for the Goal is a small all-volunteer run organization collecting primarily from South Orange County California and the Baltimore Area. Unfortunately, we cannot pay to ship your goods or pick up from donors far away. But if you can get your gear to us, we will appreciate your donations!
We are now collecting for Project Haiti Summer Camp 2019. This year we need:


We love cleats!  Cleats are always needed and are a coveted item.
Some of the kids have never worn real cleats.

Gently-used cleats (No holes or tears, please.)
Please remove dirt – rubber band, place in bag or gently tie laces together.

Worried your cleats are too worn to donate? If in doubt – please donate!
We are especially in need of larger sizes.


Whole team set of uniforms (14+ player kits or jerseys) We are looking for whole team uniforms or jerseys. Any team. Any club.

Retired Irvine Slammers Kits – We are still collecting retired Irvine Slammers Kits! (maroon series)
Whole game kits or just the jerseys are a terrific donation.


We accept other gear in good condition.
Pop-up goals, Goalie Gear, Referee kits, training cones etc.
Email for drop off locations this year.

US Outreach


US Outreach: Project Baltimore

We are working to help youth in the US with Soccer Without Borders Baltimore.

Soccer Without Borders, Baltimore, runs youth development programs that equip newcomer refugee and immigrant youth. The program provides safe spaces where young people feel cared for, have a voice and can experience the joy of sport.

Refugees are one of the most vulnerable populations in the world, with nearly 30 million children displaced from their home countries. Many program participants have come to the US under difficult circumstances from countries such as Sudan, DRC, Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Cameroon, Honduras, Ecuador, and El Salvador and most recently Syria. Many children in this group are getting the opportunity to participate in organized soccer for the first time in their lives.

With Project Baltimore, Give for the Goal has provided jerseys, shorts, socks, goalie shirts, referee outfits, cones, and balls to children from these underserved communities. We are committed to keeping Project Baltimore open as an ongoing project.

Haiti Tournament Parade

Here are Tournament Day shots from the Reunion Sportive d’Haiti parade of athletes.

Great to see our University High blue and white soccer kits on the big guys.


Thanks to your generous donations, Project Haiti 2018 is a success!  Give for the Goal is open for collections toward Project Haiti 2019.

Haiti Soccer

Project Haiti was a success!

This year, Give for the Goal distributed shoes, uniforms and balls to children and young adults at the Reunion Sportive D’Haiti Soccer Camp 2018.


Thanks to your generous donations. Project Haiti 2018 was a success! The kids are enjoying Summer Camp right now. Give for the Goal is still open for collections toward Project Haiti  – for Summer 2019.

Haiti Day Camp

While Give for the Goal helps contribute to the soccer needs of Camp Haiti, the Haiti is about a lot more than soccer. In addition to giving the kids a chance to play sports, Camp Haiti helps prevent juvenile delinquency and helps kids through local community empowerment, positive social interaction and youth leadership development and community stabilization.

For many kids at Camp Haiti, this activity is the only extracurricular activity available in their community. The kids are are provided with a healthy meal every day. And at camp they are safe and engaged in sporting and academically enriching activities.

After Hurricane Matthew destroyed the southern part of Haiti, Reunion Sportive has undertaken a reforestation project by planting trees to strengthen the local communities, reverse the environmental degradation, and combat climate change.




The kids learn new skills and develop new hobbies. They work as part of a team and help to set goals and plan activities with others. They make new friends, learn about their lives, and celebrate their similarities and their differences. They grow their imagination through reading, story-telling, skits, arts and crafts, dance, and sport.



Thank you!

Give for the Goal thanks USA Junior Soccer / LA Galaxy OC for generously donating toward Project Nigeria 2017.

Mageeco Football Academy  serves the greater community in Lagos, Nigeria. The players ages span from as young as four years old up to the age of twenty-one. The club currently serves a larger recreational soccer community as well as elite teams in the older age groups.


GFTG is looking for volunteers.


• Are you in the Orange County, California area or the Baltimore, Maryland area?
Give for the Goal needs volunteers to help with collection projects.


• Looking for high school volunteer hours, or a rewarding project that will also burnish your resumé? Volunteer at a collection day.
• Looking for a leadership position? You can start a GFTG club and organize a collection effort.


• Looking for a meaningful activity for your soccer club or team? Organize a collection effort for Give for the Goal.


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