Evan Mouchard

Evan Mouchard of Give for the Goal
Evan Mouchard
— Director,  Founder  — Irvine, California
Evan is a student at University of California at Santa Barbara and an avid recreational soccer player in Southern California.
After spending the better part of his life kicking around a soccer ball, Evan knows a thing or two about the fun and camaraderie of participating in a youth soccer program. Also, Evan has seen the rewards of working hard as a team. His teams have enjoyed many successes over the years including California State Cup Champs,  SCDSL League Champs in Tier 1 Division, CIF Champs and competing internationally at Gothia Cup in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Evan is pleased to bring Give for the Goal to California. While establishing the GFTG donation network, Evan has been met with a warm and welcoming philanthropic soccer community. With the support of new alliances with businesses and local youth clubs, Evan looks forward to growing the GFTG soccer donation network and continuing to share his love of soccer.

Adam Yamada-Hanff

Adam Yamada-Hanff, Special Projects  —  Baltimore/Washington DC

— Adam is an entrepreneur, social and animal rights activist in the Baltimore Maryland area.
Adam is working to expand the reach of Give for the Goal to help youth athletes in the US as well as abroad. Adam is working with Soccer Without Borders to bring clothing and soccer gear to Baltimore City where children of all ages are in need.