Project Baltimore

Give for the Goal and Soccer Without Borders, Baltimore have joined together to help youth in need in the United States.

Soccer Without Borders, Baltimore, supports youth development programs that equip newcomer refugee and immigrant youth. The program provides safe spaces where young people feel cared for, have a voice and can experience the joy of sport.

Refugees are one of the most vulnerable populations in the world, with nearly 30 million children displaced from their home countries. Many program participants have come to the US under difficult circumstances from countries such as Sudan, DRC, Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Cameroon, Honduras, Ecuador, and El Salvador and most recently Syria. Many children in this group are getting the opportunity to participate in organized soccer for the first time in their lives.

Status: Project Baltimore is open for donations.


Thank you!

Give for the Goal thanks USA Junior Soccer / LA Galaxy OC for generously donating toward Project Nigeria 2017.

Mageeco Football Academy  serves the greater community in Lagos, Nigeria. The players ages span from as young as four years old up to the age of twenty-one. The club currently serves a larger recreational soccer community as well as elite teams in the older age groups.